Shore Report Analysis

Watch the following video on your ipad and note the timing of what is happening. Remember the following terms: anchor One in the TV studio who reads the news and provides transitions between other anchors lead-in Introductory statement to film or tape of actual event. lead-out Copy that comes immediately after tape of film of an actuality. long shot Framing that takes in the … Continue reading Shore Report Analysis

Writing a News Article

Write a news article based on the press conference we had yesterday. Use the following to structure your article. Formula for a Well-Written News Article Lead/First paragraph In your first one or two sentences tell who, what, when, where, and why. Try to hook the reader by beginning with a funny, clever, or surprising statement. CHALLENGE: Try to include all of this information in 35 … Continue reading Writing a News Article

Internal Job Postings

There are several internal jobs in MBMS Journalism. To apply for these jobs, send an email “cover letter” that states your name, interest, and any qualifications you have that make you good for this job. The letter should be 2-3 paragraphs long and written in a professional tone. Online editor– responsible for website design and uploading all news in a timely manner. Literary Magazine Editor– … Continue reading Internal Job Postings